I am an artist / illustrator based in Wellington, NZ. I grew up on the Coromandel and have always enjoyed exploring the arts. I create quirky characters and surreal worlds, from small illustrative work to large scale murals. I received my BA in graphic design, and am also fond of creating digital worlds in the forms of animations and games. My paintings and murals have been described as moody and theatrical whereas my games and animations have probably been described as time wasted.

I am fascinated in the mechanics of the world and life’s curiosities. I enjoy playing with ideas and themes that draw from dream like landscapes. Seeing the world as a canvas to create, I love to create worlds inside of that.

“Kate Muir is a Wellington based artist, muralist, tattooist and designer. Kate’s pieces have been described as humorous, moody and theatrical. Her murals feel innocent and fresh while simultaneously probing deeper into a different kind of reality that is surrealistic and subconscious – evoking the dream state.”

Regional News – 25/09/15


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